GC-2 Machining System

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GC-2 Machining System
Type Tool
Tech Level TL–8
Cost MCr1.2
Size 21.3 m3
Weight 9,000 kg
Manufacturer General Products

The General Products GC-2 Machining System is the smallest TL–8 example of a computer-controlled milling machine.

Under computer control is a single robotic arm with access to 50 different tools for cutting, shaping and polishing a single billet of material. This is an industrial capacity machine designed for assembly line, continuous operational production of finished goods.

Depending upon tool use the machine can handle wood or similar hard organics, most forms of solid plastics, and most metals. Maximum billet size is 25cm x 25cm x 25cm. The computer control system has an accuracy of 10μm.

As an option is an expanded tool cabinet, allowing access to 100 or 260 different tool heads. There is a billet handling system, giving the system access to a continuous feed of billets, with a automated removal of the completed work.

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