Freelance Traveller 046

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Freelance Traveller 046
Author Jeff Zeitlin
Publisher Freelance Traveller
Version Generic
Format PDF
Language English
Pages 30
Year Published 2013
Canonical No
Available from Freelance Traveller

Freelance Traveller 046 is an issue of Freelance Traveller Magazine, a free online Traveller Fanzine.


Jeff Zeitlin
NASA, ESA, N.Smith (U.C.Berkeley), et al., and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)
Jeff Zeitlin

Table of Contents[edit]

Freelance Traveller 046
Department Article Author Pages
Editorial From the Editor Jeff Zeitlin 1
Review Adventure 3: Trillion Credit Squadron Kafka 2-3
Variant Rule The Ship’s Locker: Limiting Without Specifying Michael Wakefield 4-5
Personality Shuchithra Jeff Zeitlin 6-7
Advice The Game That Wasn’t Timothy Collinson 7
Background Beam Dancing Jeff Zeitlin 8
Fiction Drop Out Ken Murphy 8-11
Review Aliens of the Rim Rob Prior 12
Character Generation A System for Character Improvement Ken Bearden 13-14
Amber Zone The Bellona Intrigue Michael Brown 14-16
Vehicle Luderitz-class Undersea Mining Trawler Ewan Quibell 16
Review Derelict Starships Jeff Zeitlin 17
Vehicle Cargo Lifter Ewan Quibell 18
Amber Zone The Color of Monks’ Robes Dwayne Walstrom 18-19
System Jump Destination: Tanna-Sheru, Alkaidin System Ken Pick 19-26
Vehicle Holmes-class Air/Raft Ewan Quibell 26
Review Denizens II: Biaxial System Jeff Zeitlin 27


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