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I'm putting this here partly for posterity, partly for discussion. As we get into adding more worlds from different eras we should have a complete description of what goes where and how it all connects so everyone can find it.

Part of this is based upon established, existing articles and style guide formatting. Part if this is based upon the Trade map generation and upload process requiring additional information to put the data into the correct place.

The base page for every world is the T5 Second Survey/Milieu 1116 data, using the name given in the T5 Second Survey. All other pages about the world, in whatever era, should ultimately redirect to this page.

So for the T5SS/Milieu 1116 the base world page is named, for example, Foo (world).

In the case where the name is duplicated in different locations, the page name adds a two letter sector abbreviation and a hex location. For example Foo (SM 1234) (world). For this case the Trade Map generator relies on the Foo (world) page being a disambiguation page (using Template:Disambig) to find/generate the correct base page name.

For another era, say the New Era, the world may have a different name. For this example, the New Era world Bar (world) should be a redirect page to the base page: Foo (world).

If the base page (Foo) is a duplicate, the other era world (Bar) should redirect to the full base page. That is Bar (world) should redirect to Foo (SM 1234) (world).

If the new era page is a duplicate, that is the world name should be Bar (SM 1234) (world), the Bar (world) should be a disambiguation page, pointing to the correct pages (with notations about which era). There also should be a Bar (SM 1234) (world) page which is a redirect to the correct Foo (world) or Foo (SM 1234) (world) page.

I think this is all the cases. Tjoneslo (talk) 09:52, 27 November 2016 (EST)

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