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There is a debate/discussion going on in the main Wiki forums about the current skin (ie look and feel) used by the wiki community. If you check under the "my preferences" option at the very top of the screen, then select "skin" tab, you can see several options. The current default for the Traveller wiki (and indeed all wiki's) is the very old Monobook skin. For unregistered users, this will be changing to either the Slate or Smoke (or has already). There is also an indication that the monobook skin may go away.

So the Questions are:

  • What skin do you use for your viewing/editing?
  • If you use the Monobook skin and it went away, could you be satisfied with another one?

Tjoneslo 14:59, 10 September 2007 (UTC) ps: I use monobook, and no, I like my monobook.

Monobook for me as well; although the courier font takes some getting used to after being "required" to use roman new (or heaven forbid, helvetica in all upper case) at work....--Sstefan 10:26, 26 September 2007 (UTC)