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Welcome to the new Traveller Wiki here on

If you are coming from the Traveller Wiki on Wikia you will need to re-register. You should use the same username as on Wikia and you will have your complete editing history and access to your user page.

This version of the Traveller wiki is a complete and accurate copy of the one on Wikia, and any changes made there will be reflected here.

History of the move[edit]

The Traveller wiki on Wikia was founded in February of 2006. Everything was going just fine until last November.

The current Wikia copyright and licensing policy is that all contributions to any wiki are made under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License 3.0(CC-BY-SA). Under the terms of the license, you (or anyone) may make a copy of the content and sell it. There is a company called Books LLC which, under the terms of the cc-by-sa license was doing exactly that. Their process involves collecting articles in specific categories in both Wikipedia and Wikia, applying minimal formatting, and creating a PDF file.

This contradicts the Far Future Enterprises Far Use Policy (FFE FUP) (see Copyright). Books LLC understood that the articles they were copying were not created with a license that allowed them to publish and sell. They have since removed the books they created from their catalog.

Unfortunately the basic conflict in the license between the CC-BY-SA and the FFE FUP remains. The decision was that the Traveller Wiki could no longer remain with Wikia. In order to keep the wiki available, it needs to be available under a license more compatible with the FFE FUP.

When the licensing issue first arose I made inquiries at some existing Traveller sites to see if they had space available. The first one was Traveller RPG, where they even have a wiki setup. Unfortunately, the site admins at the time didn't have system administration access to perform several required upgrades to support this wiki.

The second one was at Traveller Downport, where Colin Micheal (aka. Swordworlder) very kindly set up this (virtual) server and let me install everything required.

So here we are today.

Future of the Traveller Wiki[edit]

With the passing of Hunter Gordon, the administrative management of the TravellerRPG site and server passed to Marc Miller. Marc has engaged with the site and is planning several upgrades.

One of those upgrades will involve moving the Traveller wiki to the TravellerRPG site. So a second move will take place in the near future. When exactly depends upon the timing of several required upgrades to the server software. When the move is planned I will make sure to let ever one here know, and put announcements on other Traveller fora.

If you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or comments please let me know. I'll be on this site making tweaks and updates, I lurk on the TML and (hopefully more often) on the CotI boards. I review the Wikia Traveller wiki daily for changes and updates.

Tjoneslo (talk) 07:44, 1 March 2013 (EST)