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I just just received a note (on CotI) about the use. I think most of us here can agree to the spirit of my answer.

Originally Posted by Mark Morgan

where did all that stuff come from ? and what uses may we the average joe make use of the material I ask esp as I am for some reason geting for new traveller campaign and I was thinking of putting a lot of my stuff as I developed it on the web esp as several of my players are not likely to be in the same room with me at the time of play

Most of the entries were extracted from released material or from the web. I think maybe 5% of it is written exclusivley on the Wiki (and that is probably on the high side).

As far as the use of it; the Wiki is there to use in a similar way that any library data base, limited only by access and application to the time period of your game.

I don't foresee any problems in your entering library data type of information related strictly to your game (just mark it as non-canon), although you may want to ask within the Wiki (on the Forum page) to see if any particular file locator or category should be established (or you could do that on your own within the Wiki). --Sstefan 22:40, 19 November 2008 (UTC)