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I have just made an interesting change to the way the Ludography (the published books and magazines) work so our citations look better, are more consistent, and are correct. This consists of two parts:

First is the Template:InfoboxBook2. This template defines (in addition to the infobox), what is known as a Cargo Table. This is a new wiki extension that got added with the upgrade. This is part of the Semantic Wiki extensions which allows the wiki to define (in more detail) data about a subject. In this case more information about an RPG Book.

You can see which Cargo tables have been created and look at the data on the Cargo tables page.

Second is the Template:Ludography cite. This template is to be used when citing a book, specifically in the Template:Sources, but also within the <ref></ref> tags in an article.

The tricky part here is the parameters to the InfoboxBook2 template are much pickier about their use and format because the values are being parsed by the underlying system and inserted to the Cargo tables. I will need to update to documentation to make this clearer as others try this.

Questions or feedback appreciated. Tjoneslo (talk) 17:52, 6 December 2015 (EST)

The template is working great, Thomas. Thank you.

Suggestion: Add text to the pages entry that reads "Page/s". I know it is more correct Chicago Style to just have floating numbers, but I think it would be clearer with "Page/s".