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This is the list of the ship mission codes from the T5.10 book (book 2, p. 68), but organized differently. The purpose of this is to take another attempt to reconcile the wiki Ship Classification (and Starship-Nav-Bar-Two-2019CE) with the T5.10 mission codes. This is a request to make sure the T5.10 codes are propagated forward.

The T5 mission taxonomy is included where it clarifies the mission code.

  • Nomenclature. One productive pattern appears to be <secondary Code 1> <secondary Code 2> <mission Code 3>, where Code 1 + Code 3 represents a subtype, and Code 1 + Code 2 + Code 3 the sub-subtype. Example: Boat > System Boat > System Defense Boat.
  • BCS ships. Since all capital ships are principal military vessels, they are commonly talked about via their secondary codes only, omitting the ubiquitous "Cruiser" type (this potentially holds for Frigate BCS as well, assuming they exist). Thus most capital ships are Battle Cruisers. They are further divided into subcategories: Battle Beam Cruisers, Battle Strike Cruisers, and so on.
  • Mission Modifiers. Rob suggests that the mission modifiers represent an "open class", and can be freely added to satisfy ships that don't have T5 codes. See the secondary modifier table for suggestions.

Mission Codes[edit]

Letter Code Comparison
CT High Guard
Rob Remarks
A Free Trader Merchant Free Trader

AA Armored Trader ASC-3p12
LXA Long-Range Express Trader IISSp15

Trader A-class Merchant Vessels (Tramps - Cargo & Low-volume Passengers)
  • Military Auxiliaries now go to Q-class
  • Traders or Tramps remain
  • All manner of traders: Free, Deep, Far, etc.
- Consistent.
B - Battleship; Boat (Naval, Defensive) Boat

(Private) Beagle
SB System Boat
SAB System Attack Boat
SDB System Defense Boat (S09p25; SMCp35; T5B2p34)

Battleship B-class Battleships * Monitors: Type N. Consistent when used as a T5 Modifier.
C Cruiser Cruiser; Carrier (Naval, Principal) Cruiser

AC Armored Cruiser S09p30
BC Battle Cruiser AOTI 28, 38
FC Frontier Cruiser S09p31; G03
LC Light Cruiser S09p28
SC Scout Cruiser S09p29; G03
KC Strike Cruiser
BB(C) Beam Battle Cruiser AOTI 9, 18, 62-63, 84, 96-99
BBF(C) Beam Battle Flag Cruiser AOTI 67, 250
BF(C) Battle Flag Cruiser AOTI 52, 56
BK(C) Battle Strike Cruiser AOTI 65, 189-190, 200-201, 206, 211 (Tigress)
BKF(C) Battle Strike Flag Cruiser AOTI 29, 34, 100
BMF(C) Battle Missile Flag Cruiser AOTI 116-117, 119-120
BR(G) Battle Rider Frigate SMCp35
CB(C) Carrier Battle Cruiser SMCp35

Cruiser C-class Cruisers
  • No need to change. Weight tonnage cruisers remain
  • Corvettes go to E-class
  • Small (speed) Cruisers go to E-class
* Corvettes: Type E Consistent.
D Destroyer Destroyer (Naval) Defender Defender (SDB) D-class Destroyers
  • Anything not a destroyer goes to E-class
  • Defenders and SDBs go to H-class
* SDBs: Type B HG and T5 differ.
E Escort Escort (Naval) Corvette; Escort

Corvette, Escort

CE Close Escort
FE Fleet Escort S07p18
GE Gunned Escort S07p35, T5B2p34
AF(E) Auxiliary Fast Escort AOTI 44, 57, 60, 65, 67

E-class Escorts
  • Includes all manner of tiny vessels
  • Brigs, Corvettes, FACs, Sloops, etc.
  • Patrol ships here if military and Imperial Navy. Otherwise to H-class.
* Patrol ships: Type P Consistent.
F - Frigate, Fighter (Commerce, Scheduled) Freighter Fighter, Freighter, Frigate F-class Fighters
  • Only fighters now
  • Fighters = Dedicated combatant smallcraft (...mostly)
  • Fighters bigger than 100 tons go to E-class or elsewhere
  • Non-combat-dedicated utility smallcraft go to U-class
  • Frigates go to E-class
  • Freighters go to A, M, R, or T-class
* Fighters: Type QF
  • Larger fighters: Type B
  • Frigates: Type G
HG and T5 differ.
G - Gig; Refinery (Naval, Major) Frigate

PG Patrol Frigate IISSp18; T5B2p46-47

Industrial Vessel, Frigate G-class Industrial Vessels (Commercial)
  • Frigates and Corvettes go to E-class
  • Refinery
  • Ag / Farming
  • Factory Ships
  • Refinery ships
  • Largecraft tug
* Corvettes: Type E.
  • Tugs: Type T.
  • Refinery: 2ry modifier
  • Farming: 2ry modifier
  • Factory: 2ry modifier
Probably OK to use T5.
H - - (Naval, Siege) Ortillery Ortillery Ship, Security Vessel H-class Security Vessels * SDBs: Type SDB
  • Defenders: Type D
  • Sentinels: Type S
  • Patrol: Type P
  • Quarantine: use the 'Q' modifier
  • Tankers: Type T
  • Hunter vessels: 2ry modifier 'H'
I - Intruder Vessel - Assault Transport, Intruder Vessel I-class Combat Transports
  • Includes troop transports, assault landers, etc,
J - Intruder Vessel (Private, Exploration) Prospector Prospector, Seeker J-class Prospector Vessels
  • Prospectors and seekers remain
  • Intruders go to I-class
- HG and T5 differ.
K Safari Ship Pinnace (small craft) (Commerce, Charter) Safari, Expedition Expedition Ship, Safari Ship K-class Expedition Ships * Beagles: Type B
  • Couriers: Type S
  • Colony ships: use Type CT "Colony Transport"
L Lab Ship Corvette, Lab Ship (Private, Exploration) Lab Lab Ship * Lab Ships
  • No change whatsoever
- Consistent.
M Subsidized Liner Merchant (Commerce, Scheduled) Liner

FM Long Liner TTAp138

Liner M-class Merchant Vessels (Freighters - Bulk Freight)
  • No changes although most named liners go to R-class
- Consistent (HG, MT are in error)
N - - (Naval, Principal) Monitor

(Private) Survey, Medical

Hospital Ship * Ferries go to Q-class or U-class * Ferries: Type T
  • The Donosev goes here
O - Ordnance Vessel - Ortillery Vessel O-class Ortillery Vessels
  • Bombardment Ship
  • Siege Engine
  • etc.
  • Military Ordinance vessels go to Q-class
- Conflict.
P Corsair Planetoid Vessel (Naval, Independent) Corsair, Marauder

(Private) Picket, Patrol, Privateer

Corsair Vessel, Patrol Ship, Fighter P-class Corsair Vessels
  • Fighters all go to F-class
  • Planetoids get spread around by their role and function (P is a secondary modifier)
  • Raiders become PR
  • Q-ships become PQ
  • Marauders
  • Privateers
* Planetoid is a 2ry modifier
  • Raiders: Type R
  • Q-ships: 2ry modifier Q (Decoy)
HG and T5 differ.
Q - Auxiliary - Auxiliary, Decoy Q-class Military Auxiliary/s
  • Decoys
  • Military Speciality
  • All manner of military auxiliaries
  • Hospital remain at N-class
  • Q-ships go to P-class
* Hospitals: Type N
  • Auxiliaries: Type E, T, or W
  • Q-ships: 2ry modifier Q (Decoy)
Consistent when used as a T5 Modifier.
R Subsidized Merchant Liner (Naval, Independent) Raider

(Commerce, Scheduled) Merchant
AR Armored Commerce Raider ASC-1p8

Merchant Vessel, Raider Vessel R-class Merchant Vessels (Liners - Medium Cargo & Medium-volume Passengers)
  • R now a dedicated merchant code
  • Raiders go to PR
  • Battle riders now classified by role or size (...becomes a secondary modifier)
* Riders: 2ry modifier "R", e.g. "BRG" Battle Rider Frigate. Consistent (HG, MT are in error).
S Scout Vessel Scout Vessel, Station (Naval) Sentinel

(Private) Scout, Courier, Messenger

Scout Vessel S-class Scout Vessels
  • Sieges go to O-class
  • Includes all sorts of other Scout vessels, but not explorers, which go to K-class expeditions
* Sieges: Type H
  • Exploration vessels: Type B, J, L, N, S
T Patrol Cruiser Tanker, Tender (Naval, Siege) Assault
(Naval, Auxiliary) Transport, Tender

(Commerce) Transport
CT Colony Transport
JT Interface Transport (Ferry)
LCT Light Carrier Assault IISSp27

Tankers & Transports T-class Tankers & Transports (Bulk Trade Freight)
  • T-class are now dedicated transports and tankers
  • Tenders go to V-class or elsewhere depending on role
  • Patrol ships go to E-class if escorts and H-class if system defenders or security vessels
  • Tugs go to G-class, Q-class, or U-class depending on size and user.
* Patrol ships: Type P
  • Ferries go here.
U - - (Commerce, Unscheduled) Packet Utility Craft U-class Utility Vessels & Utility Craft
  • Packets ships go to X-class
  • Ferries
  • Smallcraft tug
  • Jump Ship Jump cabooses, jump ferries that are not tenders
  • Tugs remain or go to Q-class if military-dedicated
  • Includes U-class smallcraft except fighters, which are F-class
* Ferries: Type T
  • Tugs: Type T
  • Small craft: Type Q.
V - - (Naval, Special) Destroyer

EV Escort Destroyer S09p14,15

Carrier V-class Subcraft Carriers
  • Carriers
  • Tenders
  • Some tenders go to X-class (Xboat tenders) or T-class if commercial
  • Other possibilities are available although rare
* Tenders: Type T
  • Carriers: 2ry modifier "C"
W - Barge (Naval, Auxiliary) Barge Space Station, Barge W-class Space Stations & Satellites & Barges (System Craft - Non-Interstellar)
  • Includes little to no drive and no mission beyond the star system
  • Might include far system craft or stations
- Consistent.
X Express Ship Express Ship (Private, Information) Express Communication Vessel, Tender X-class Communication Vessels
  • X-boats
  • X-boat tenders
  • Packets
  • Dedicated non-military couriers
  • Alternate mail ships
  • Relay Ships
  • etc.
- Consistent.
Y Yacht Yacht (Commerce, Charter) Yacht Yacht Y-class Yachts (Private Craft)
  • All manner of privately owned craft
  • Including commuter or passenger smallcraft if system-dedicated and not elsewhere
- Consistent.
Z - Special - Unclassified Ship, Experimental Craft Z class Special Mission Ships - Consistent.

BCS Codes[edit]

BCS codes follow an informal nomenclature. Commonly, they are only referred to by their secondary codes, with the main code omitted. Presumably the main code is known so well or so common that it's assumed by the source.

BCS Codes
Code CT
CT High Guard
Reference Remarks
AF (AFE) - - Auxiliary Fast Corvette AOTI 44, 57, 60, 65, 67 "Corvette" (E) is assumed.
BB (BBC or BBG) Battleship Battleship Beam Battle Cruiser
Beam Battle Frigate
AOTI 9, 18, 62-63, 84, 96-99 "Cruiser" (C) or (less common) Frigate (G) is assumed.
BBF (BBFC) - - Beam Battle Flag Cruiser AOTI 67, 250 "Cruiser" (C) is assumed
BF (BFC) - - Battle Flag Cruiser AOTI 52, 56 "Cruiser" (C) is assumed
BK (BKC) - - Battle Strike Cruiser AOTI 65, 189-190, 200-201, 206, 211 This is a Tigress
BKF (BKFC) - - Battle Strike Flag Cruiser AOTI 29, 34, 100 "Cruiser" (C) is assumed
BMF (BMFC) - - Battle Missile Flag Cruiser AOTI 116-117, 119-120 "Cruiser" (C) is assumed
BR (BRG or BRB) Battle Rider Battle Rider Frigate
Battle Rider Boat
SMCp35 "Frigate"/"Boat" assumed
CB (CBC) Carrier Battle Cruiser SMCp35 "Carrier" (C) is assumed

Wiki-1 Discussion[edit]

Ship Mission Code/updates is the lengthy discussion for the first set of Wiki specific mission codes. These were developed within the wiki to capture the missing and forgotten types from the CT and MT ship mission codes. These were produced in 2015 prior to the T5.10 rules. For any new updates, the linked page could be referenced to make sure we're covering everything. Tjoneslo (talk) 19:01, 17 March 2022 (EDT)

Wiki-2 Amendment Discussion Starters[edit]

I see that a lot of work went into the Wiki-2 column, so I want to start talking over the decisions made there.

In particular, I want to see how many of these are intractable, and how Wiki-2 sifted through the ship types that "fall through the cracks". Rje (talk) 17:36, 17 March 2022 (EDT)

One of the concerns around the T5.10 mission codes is they seem to be focused on the ACS class of small ships, and there may be a different codes for the BCS or larger classes. Tjoneslo (talk) 19:01, 17 March 2022 (EDT)
T5 is definitely ACS-focused, and AOTI sure makes it look like the two are different. But maybe we can work it out. Rje (talk) 00:18, 19 March 2022 (EDT)
I figured it out. The ships in AOTI are talked about commonly by their secondary modifiers only: the main code is elided. Formally, however, it is part of the ship's code. Rje (talk) 00:27, 19 March 2022 (EDT)

Rob's Preferences[edit]

Since I've decided that the mission code is not exclusive to its table taxonomy, I prefer to simply present the bare codes, and allow an open class of secondary modifier codes (a) to clarify, and (b) to allow for "edge" ship types we haven't thought up.

Trader Beagle, Boat Cruiser Defender Escort, Corvette Freighter Frigate Ortillery Prospector Safari
Lab Liner Medical, Monitor Corsair, Marauder, Picket, Patrol, Privateer Merchant, Raider
Scout, Courier, Messenger Assault, Transport, Tender, Tug Packet Destroyer Barge Express Yacht Unclassified

Rje (talk) 23:17, 20 March 2022 (EDT)

Modifier Codes[edit]

Qualifier/Modifier Code Comparison
Code CT CT High Guard T5.10 Remarks
A - Armored Alternate, Improved, Armored, Attack
B Battle Battle; Boat Boat, Bulk, Battle, Big
C Close Cruiser; Close Close, Carrier, Comms * Rob suggests "Colony" be included
D - Destroyer Defense, Interceptor Conflict - Use Mission Code V for Destroyer
E Escort Escort Escort, Essential, Electronic Warfare
F - Fast; Fleet Fast, Fat, Frontier, Far, Flag, Free * Rob suggests "Factory" and "Farming" be included
G - Gunned Gunned, Upgunned, Gas
H - Heavy Fuel, Tanker, Hydrogen * Rob suggests "Heavy" and "Hunter" be included
J - - Survey, Prospector, Interface, Intruder
K - - Subsidized, Fast, Diplomatic * AOTI suggests "Strike" be included
L - Leader; Light LR, Lifeboat, Exploratory, Light
M - Missile Military, Militia, Mercenary, Motivator, Tug * AOTI suggests "Missile" be included
N - Nonstandard Naval, Nuclear, Fleet * Rob suggests "Nonstandard" be included
P - Provincial Patrol, Plus, Passenger, Mercenary * Rob suggests "Provincial" be included
Q - Decoy Disguised, Decoy, Quarantine, Mother
R - Raider Recon, Rescue, Raider * Rob suggests "Refinery" be included
S - Strike Slow, System, Special, Luxury, Small
T Transport Troop; Transport Tramp, Tender, Transport
U - Unpowered Unarmed, Hulk, De-activated, Inop
V - Vehicle Vehicle Carrier, Drone, Remote
W - - Unpowered, Non-jump
X - - Experimental, Special, Express
Y - Shuttle; Cutter Hull, Subhull, Pod, Rider, Modular
Z - Experimental Unassigned