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== InfoboxShip (2020) ==
[[Forum:Ship Classes]]
I note that the standard templates for describing ship classes now have, in a single article, 3 places where incomplete summaries of the design are placed:
# InfoboxShip (or InfoboxShip2)
# A Wikitable
# A Meta page
This is resulting in these three places being inconsistent within the articles. And with nearly 2000 ship classes to look at this is a huge editing task.
Can I suggest that there are several projects here:
# To determine a format that works and requires the ship class data to be loaded only once
## To determine a related format that works for ship instances within a class that doesn't require the class data to be duplicated (unless the ship is unique) but does allow such differences that the instance as accumulated to be noted
# To review the layouts and default values for the Infobox templates as these look pretty terrible at present. Attributes in alphabetical order is not good.
# To migrate the ship class data that exists
## To migrate the ship instance data
# To confirm with the authors of each ship class that does meet the data quality standard what should be done - Delete or Complete or set to some "Placeholder" default?
#* There are a lot of ships with names but no details, no references and no idea of why they were added.
#* Deleting seems likely to cause friction
==[[Forum:Ship Classes]]==
* [[Forum:Agent of the Imperium ship types]]
* [[Forum:Agent of the Imperium ship types]]

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