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I'm very impressed by the sheer volume of Ronald Kline's recent contributions, and I don't want to discourage him in any way. But there are a couple of things about his posting habits that disturb me. I'm not an administrator, so don't take this as anything more than a friendly expression of one person's opinions.

Please log in before posting; that way it's clear right away who is doing the posting.

Secondly... No offense, but what's with the category 'Ronald B. Kline'? A specific category for a contributor is not, IMO, appropriate. Should I add a category with my name every time I edit a post? Or what about Thomas? If someone is interested in finding all of a particular person's edits, he can go to that person's talk page and look under 'Contributions'. Provided that person has made sure he was logged in when he posted. ;-)

  • Rancke 10:50, July 30, 2011 (UTC)

I also agree. The purpose behind the {{Sources}} template is so everyone can find and see all your brilliant work. If you have a User page, which everyone should, you can link the sources template to that page. The tool bar at the bottom of the page has a "Links Here" function to allow finding ever thing you've created.

I agree as well. I apologize, I am sorry, I realize I am playing in someone else's sandbox. This is not ego, I thought if you were doing non-canon stuff you had to warn users and tell them it was just your random ideas (ie. signature) since I have no formal source to site and that their mileage may vary. I did not in any way wish to detract from the established protocol for this wiki. I had never had this sort of outlet before for traveller junk and was not logging in as a user. All the pages I fiddled with went in as an anonymous wiki contributor. Due to poor computer skills, ironic, combined with limited linguistic skills, I kept going back to catch errors in formatting, spelling and forget grammar. At first I didn't know for example, all the "classic" traveller stats should go as meta data, ships should be listed in non high guard format, ships should be listed separate from fleets. I only know how to do characters in the LBB way. I did not know how to use the template for planets correctly. I would just wait for Tjoneslo to come back through and correct my noob mistakes. How do I now find the pages I have been working with and delete the Ronald B. Kline, Jr. category? I was just trying to create a way to go back and find/edit my numerous mistakes. Many military units I would type in, looked good. I would hit publish and they are all over the place. Tabs and spacing have made many of my fleet composition entries look strange. I was trying to pick "off the beaten path" items no one would notice and or mind me fiddling with, we are not talking about canon items or articles. One notable exception in my case was the sword world fleets loosely based on German numbers at the battle of Jutland. I know there are a couple of additions I made which I did not sign and can't find. I was looking at weird UPP on the Zhodani core expeditions, places nearly no PCs tread, those sector names are 24 consonants and no vowels in sight, no clue on how they are spelled to search for them.

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As far as finding which pages you have worked on... well, if you logged in there is a tab near the top of your user page "My Contributions" not too sure if this would show if the contribution was made without logging in. As far as those Zhodani sector names with 24 consonants and no vowels in sight... I guess its no worse than the Aslan with 24 Vowels and three consonants....

  • Sstefan 02:48, October 6, 2011 (UTC)

It's pretty ridiculous that anybody can edit the pages here without logging in. It's caused issues before and it'll continue to cause them until it's fixed (or the site moves somewhere with better security and tracking). (this is EDG, btw. Posting when not logged in).
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