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Krzzeint sentinels

Highly evolved “Borg.” But with organic constituents.

Analogy would be a Human being (or whatever other sentient/conscious life for that may be) combined with “organic-electronic” AI thought/intellect capacities.

 “A computer with a soul…” lol

Very “human” but can shift/modulate (physically, mentally, emotionally?) themselves to adapt to rapidly changing environments to such a degree that they seem inhuman, no matter how emphatic/real they present themselves. Especially to those that meet them in different contexts.

Guardian of “known” space. with an ability to perceive the unkown space beyond and determine which way a traveller might embark to those areas? This is their prime "directive" and only purpose?

all have a link to a "race, area" within "known" space.

Krzzient Magneto-sphere. Equivalent analogy would be a sphere like “tesseract” (A 5+ dimensional sphere)concept. This delivered to those that might venture to unknown areas, to develop, Ummm... new worlds? Can occupy as much or little space as necessary with all elemental/chemical electromagnetic qualities properly assigned.

“Bohdisatvas” of the unexplored zones.

I don't know, just a random thought

Gatekeepers- interlocutor between ”known” and “unknown” space