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Karl introduced a reference to the Preservationists.

[Suerrat internal politics, look up Ilelish in the TNS archives if you're interested. [Karl]]

[Where? [Hans]] Ilelish/Ilelish 173-1118, 269-1118, 282-1118, 312-1118, 335-1118, and 058-1119.'
I wonder how much of this news has reached the Marches yet. I haven't worked out the MTU X-boat routes for Ilelish yet. (Yes, the X-boat routes is one of the places where MTU differs from the OTU. IMTU there are trunk lines running between Capital and all sector capitals with jump-6 X-boats (though they do make the occasional jump-5 and maybe even a jump-4 here and there to accomodate important high-population worlds anlong the way). I do know that from Vland to Regina is 20 jumps, which for convenience I translate into 20 weeks (I usually ignore jump variation, except for plot purposes). So any news that had reached Vland by 253-1119 would reach Regina around 028-1120. Yeah, I guess 200 days is long enough for news from Ilelish to make it to Vland, even if it has to go through Capital first.

[If you go to 036/1123 you see how it turns out. Short form, they're opposed to assimilation into Imperial culture, and Gabon is totally assimilated.]
It looks to me like the Seven are just seven unlucky foot soldiers who got caught in the gears. If that's all the Preservationists can muster, they're not much of a problem. Care to speculate about what else they've got? Maybe turn it into a wiki article? (Ach, just realized. All this is post-1116, so it doesn't belong in the main set of articles... Unless the Preservationists existed long before the Seven. Which they presumably did...) Rancke 14:21, 9 July 2007 (UTC)

I'd certainly hope the Empire was smart enough to go after ringleaders, but TNS was pretty vague about it. Unless it comes up again in game I probably won't follow up. I just pulled it out to give Gabon better dialogue than "hey, baby, what's your sign?"

As for writing it up--I'm sticking to writing about the Interstellar Wars period, because that's the only one where I can read the applicable canon. --Selenite 15:28, 9 July 2007 (UTC)

Fair enough. We'll leave it at that, then. Rancke 15:44, 9 July 2007 (UTC)