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Here's a place for us to put information that our characters would share in casual conversations, so we can leave those off-stage.

Bralt, 2nd Mate[edit]


Gani Stennetii, 1st Mate[edit]

Player: Thom Jones-Low aka User:tjoneslo

Ganidiirse Stennetii looks like more than a trillion other Imperial humans, about 177 cm and 75 kilos, brown curly hair with the first few flecks of grey, light brown skin darkened by exposure to too much unfiltered starlight. He usually wears a standard merchant's outfit, soft shoes, grey trousers, a white shirt and a jacket. For the interview and breakfast, the jacket he wears has more than a dozen patches, each from a different merchant ship attached.

The first thing most people notice about Gani is he likes to talk. He's not rude, but obviously grew up in a place where having five conversations going between four people at the same time was normal. He speaks without any obvious local accent and seems to know a number of languages.

Gani is more broadly skilled than deeply knowledgeable, a requirment of serving on small merchant ships. His last assignment was on the Further Farthing, a interface line running into the Trojan Reaches. It was on the final return voyage Gani managed to take (and pass) the Unlimited Mate licence test.

Matthew Padfoot, Purser[edit]

Padfoot's a human male, a shade over six feet in height. Head shaved (or going bald, that kind of short stubble you are never too sure about), grey eyes with a bit of a '1000 yard stare' when he isn't concentrating on a conversation. A quiet fellow, tends to sit so still that you forget he's in the room...

Gabon Roughbark, Chief Engineer[edit]

Player: Karl, aka User:Selenite

Gabon's a Suerrat, one of the more visibly different offshoots of Humaniti. The Suerrat are an arboreal race, covered in fur, and fond of plants and new friends. They found a niche as life support system engineers in hostile environments under the Vilani Empire. Gabon grew up in a family continuing that tradition, as the engineering staff of a space station. He's become a starship engineer out of a sense of curiosity and wanderlust. After 12 years it's still too much fun to even think about ever quitting.

Living on a space station on Aurolle (Corridor/2206), Gabon saw the freighters making regular runs between the marches and center of the Imperium. When he finished his apprenticeship he signed on with a merchant line serving the Vland-Regina trade route. He's been on several ships, working his way up from a mechanic's role. He took advantage of a company training policy to spend six months as a trainee pilot on a bulk freighter but decided he'd rather stay an engineer. He just qualified for his Chief Engineer's License after a tour on a Subsidized Merchant and is looking for an engine room of his own.

Gabon is 5' 2", about 135 lbs, and typically wears a set of shorts with suspenders and belt covered with pockets and carrying pouches (much like a US Army LBE).