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Firstly huge fan of this wiki which is with the travellermap an utterly indispensable resource and which I would love to contribute towards.

Have found one world page (Enos) with what appears to me to include non-canon info that is not identified as such - and which does not cite the one canon source (GURPS Sworld Worlds) that has got extensive info on that world.

With wikipedia itself I'd just edit away but it seems a bit off for me to rewrite the page completely without any discussion with the author who may perhaps have other sources than I have (and note the article while not citing GT:SW does cite Avenger's Bowman Arm which I don't have).

In this case would it be appropriate to just add additional info from GT:SW labelled as Milieu 2016?

And if I add any significant content should I add my name or whatever to author line?

Yes, the Wiki is authorized for both canon and non-canon content so feel free to add a "non-canon" line or two and or add paraphrased material from the canon source. Full citations from the canon source are not authorized, but, hopefully, Thomas Jones-Low will input here so we can get the chief administrator's input and get a better explanation than I have written. Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 09:50, 14 March 2016 (EDT)