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I was thinking about creating entries for the licensed Traveller software: Traveller Navigator, the MegaTraveller games and I think BITS had one. I have the disks, manuals, and boxes for the first two anyway. I also found the webpages on for Planet III Software. So...

  • Can I create entries for them? I think I would have to create a Template to distinguish software from print/pdf
  • If so, what can images can I do and Fair Use? Box front and back (Navigator had no box, came inside the manual), manual covers, a cute picture of the opened product and elements displayed, a screenshot or two of the software running? Planet III's page has a statement releasing Navigator as freeware
  • Uploading Images - if so will I still need to append the RPGBookImage tag thing or use something else?
    Nathan Brazil (talk) 18:20, 28 April 2013 (EDT)