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Help! Just went to take a look at the subwiki that you so kindly provided me for my SBRD campaign on the CotI forums back in 2013-14, hoping to re-use that setting (which was a lot of work, mostly documented in that subwiki!) for a new remote campaign (COVID=yuck!). Now the whole SBRD subwiki seems to be missing, or at least (I hope!) moved to a new URL.

Here is the URL that I had:

Please tell me 1) how to find my stuff; 2) how to back it up offline to prevent future loss. If it is not currently online as part of TravellerWiki, PLEASE tell me you have it backed up somewhere and can hand it over to me!

Thanks very much for your help, Chuck Bennett aka SpaceBadger

Try this link: - All the stuff is there. We moved from the http:// to the https:// and the redirects which should work don't for your link so it ends up back on the main page. I'll take a look for that. Tjoneslo (talk) 07:18, 27 September 2020 (EDT)