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Hi. I'm not sure who designed the Template:GURPS Worlds paragraph, so I'll post my suggestion here.

Once on the page, e.g. Durgha (world) it looks a little odd having the heading GURPS World Paragraph, followed by the heading that the template itself puts in. They both show up in the Contents box, but as equal ranked headings. As it is obviously helpful to indicate that the content in the Template is info from the GURPS Traveller rules, how about making the first line of the template include something like GURPS data as text before, or possibly after, the {{{hex}}} {{{name}}} ({{{alg}}}) variables. That way you combine the two headings and indicate what is going on, without overloading the page.

The only other thing I would suggest, as it confused me when I first saw the paragraph on an entry for a world in the Solomani Rim Sector, is to use the full name of the polity that the world is linked to in the alg variable so that it says, for example Solomani Confederation. Until I looked at the paragraph definition template I thought the (Solomani) in the heading of the paragraph was referring to the sector, not the allegiance. I appreciate that this might not exactly reflect how the paragraph is used in GURPS Traveller products, I haven't looked at them in detail, but it might add clarity.

I am not sure, Peter. I did not. I would guess it was TJonesLo.

Great idea, by the way.

The template was designed before User:‎Maksim-Smelchak added the GURPS World Paragraph header to the page. My preference would be to make the {{{GURPS Worlds paragraph}}} template the synopsis for the world article, and remove the header altogether. It is as good a synopsis of the world as any other.
I agree with your suggestion for the alg parameter. You may even want to make it a link to the correct article too. I think adding documentation to the template itself would make sense to clarify for the next person to come along.

Ok. Sounds good to me. I will start implementing these suggestions with my edits.

Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification