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The newest version of Dynamic Page List has been installed on the wiki. This means all the places where we try and maintain a list of pages (e.g. the sector worlds listed in the library list navigation box) can now be done automatically and dynamically.

So for the sector worlds list, replace the list of worlds with the following:

inlinetext= - 

This will create a list of worlds (articles in the worlds category) which are linked to the current page (the sector article), sorted by title and listed in a single row, as links to the original article.

This currently has two limitations: first the links include the " (world)" as part of the name. I'm working on fixing that.

Second, if a world in another sector contains a link to this sector, it will also appear in the list, even if the world isn't located in this sector. This one is harder to overcome. I've some ideas, but still working on this one.

Tjoneslo 18:59, 18 June 2007 (UTC)