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Volunteers Being Requested (2017)[edit]

Some of you may have noticed that the wiki has had more than a fair amount of activity over the last two years. Momentum is building. Structure and content too.
I am looking for volunteers to voluntarily take on article assignments.
If interested, please contact me or Thomas at the wiki category at the CotI forums.
  • Please let us know your interests and what you might want to write.
    • I have lots of need for assistance, proofreading, research, wiki article upgrading, and other assorted tasks.
    • For instance, many of the collective articles and referral trees (See Manual of Style) need work and development. I can help guide and direct you with specific, achievable tasks if you like.
    • For instance, the article Travelling in Charted Space needs someone to work on the Travelling Societies subsections. I will eventually get to such things myself, but we could all be more productive, achieve more, and be more successful if we cooperate, collaborate, and work together as a team.

I have been striving to set the example as in lead by example and am honored to write alongside every one of you. The wiki is going to happen no matter the naysayers or detractors.
  • But it will require community effort, not just a few motivated individuals like myself or Thomas.
  • I have not named names, but please trust me that I have noticed your efforts and appreciate them.
- Maksim-Smelchak (talk) 07:28, 8 February 2017 (EST)