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Type Weapon
Tech Level TL–13
Cost Cr15,000
Size 250mm
Weight 250g

A weapon used by a number of martial art styles around the Imperium, the foldsword is a most spectacular example of electrically active polymer technology. The weapon resembles a slim electric torch when deactivated, with two toggles and a trigger stud. In place of a torch's lens and reflector, the foldsword has a slotted metal or ceramic disc. The slot is filled with a smooth flat plastic surface. In use, a blade of memory polymer extends from this surface. This blade is slightly curved, single-edged and ends in a chisel tip. This blade is edged with particles of crystallised carbon, only 1 micron across, making the foldsword extremely sharp. To use the foldsword, the On toggle can be activated and the blade will extend within 30 seconds, however it is more usual to activate the Standby toggle first, This keeps the weapon's blade in a semi-liquid state within the housing and enables the blade to be extended within 3 seconds by depressing the trigger stud. Foldswords are rare and hard to obtain for non-members of the martial arts schools which use them; if one can be found it will be very costly. The foldsword features an internal rechargeable battery, which has a life of 24 hours of continuous standby or 250 activations and deactivations. This weapon weighs 250g and is 250mm long when deactivated, 800mm long when activated.

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