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Dates of First Contact events between various sophont species are often a major transition point for nascent civilizations and societies.

  • Some are subdued by their apparently backward and primitive technological states, while others are empowered by confirmation that other life and whole new vistas of research and knowledge also exist. It is near impossible to guess how any sophontic species will deal with the experience.

Description (Specifications)

First Contact events are major transition occurrences of potentially culture and civilization-shattering importance. Less advanced cultures often experience societal unrest and shock when exposed to more advanced technologies. Some societies never recover from such events and head into an irreversible decline.

Sophontologists have been studying the effects of first contact events since the very first such event occurred. And even before that first event, scientists conjectured as to what might one day occur. Today first contact events are not exactly routine, but they are also not unexpected. The IISS is slowly pushing out the borders of Charted Space, changing Uncharted Space and Wildspace into a known quantities. The Explorer Services of many other races are also pushing out their respective borders. Many more such first contact events are predicted to occur in the near future.

Major Race First Contact Events

The following table contains known information about first contact events between the major races.

Major Race First Contact Dates
Demonym Aslan Droyne Hivers K'kree Solomani Third
Vargr Vilani Zhodani
Aslan X -2000 3i -1861 461
Droyne X 3i
Hivers X -2045 3i
K'kree -2045 X 3i -2100
Solomani -2000 X X -2422
Third Imperium 3i 3i 3i 3i X X 3i X 562
Vargr -2100 3i X -2800
Vilani -1861 -2422 X X -2000
Zhodani 461 562 -2800 -2000 X

Terran-Vilani First Contact

One of the best known first contact events was the meeting of two of the major human races: the Terrans and the Vilani. Both possessed aggressive and expansionistic cultures that sought dominance over other civilizations. This first contact led to several hundred years of war (Interstellar Wars), the shake-up and fall of both societies, and the eventual merger of both peoples into the Second Imperium. The Terran-Vilani First Contact event reshaped Charted Space as it was then known.

History & Background (Dossier)

The following dates have been established for first contact events:

Major Race First Contact Events

Major race first contact events are limited to only the members of the "Big Six":

Minor Race First Contact Events

Minor race first contact events may occur between any combination of minor and major races:

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