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Accessories: The following special accessories are generally available for the various weapons. [1]

Description (Specifications)[edit]

A very wide variety of accessories exist for weaponry, including a variety of means of making a firearm more ergonomic, portable, more accurate, quieter firing, or a variety of other benefits.

Selected Firearms Accessories[edit]

DEW Accessories:

  1. Backpack Battery
  2. Heavy-duty Cable
  3. Power Pack

KEW Accessories: [2]

  1. Cleaning Kit [3]
  2. Cylindrical Magazine
  3. Magazine
  4. Muzzle Brake
  5. Silencer [4]
  6. Stripper Clip

Firearm Carriers & Ergonomics

  1. Bipod
  2. Folding Stock [5]
  3. Gunbelt [6]
  4. Holster [7]
    1. Ankle Holster [8]
    2. Hip Holster [9]
    3. Shoulder Holster [10]
  5. Magazine Carrier [11]
  6. Shoulder Stock [12]
  7. Shoulder Sling
  8. Tripod

Firearm Sensors

  1. Electronic Sight [13]
  2. Iron Sights
  3. Telescopic Sight [14]

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Firearm accessories make a weapon more effective and have been designed for ironmongery since the beginning of technology.

References & contributors (Sources)[edit]

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