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Firearms are any Ranged Weapons used with intent to inflict damage or harm to living creatures, sophonts, vehicles, ships, structures, systems, or other targets.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Guns: The following guns are generally available (but note especially that local planetary law levels may restrict the possession, use, or importation of some or all of these guns). Pistols are effective at all but the longest ranges; other guns are effective at all ranges. [1]

Selected Firearm Types[edit]

DEW Firearms[edit]

  1. DEW Smallarms
    1. Fusion Rifle
    2. Laser Carbine [2]
    3. Laser Pistol
    4. Laser Rifle [3]
  1. DEW Light Weapons
    1. FGMP
      1. FGMP-14
      2. FGMP-15
    2. PGMP
      1. PGMP-12
      2. PGMP-13
      3. PGMP-14
  1. DEW Heavy Weapons
    1. Plasma Bazooka

KEW Firearms[edit]

  1. KEW Smallarms
    1. Accelerator Rifle
    2. Advanced Combat Rifle
    3. Automatic Pistol [4]
    4. Automatic Rifle [5]
      1. Assault Rifle
    5. Body Pistol [6]
    6. Carbine [7]
    7. Gauss Pistol
    8. Gauss Rifle
    9. Revolver [8]
      1. Magnum Revolver
    10. Rifle [9]
      1. Battle Rifle
      2. Heavy Rifle
    11. Shotgun [10]
      1. Assault Shotgun
      2. Autoshotgun
    12. Snub Pistol
    13. Submachinegun AKA SMG [11]
  1. KEW Light Weapons
    1. Light Assault Gun AKA LAG
    2. Light Machine Gun AKA LMG
    3. LRF Gauss Gun AKA Light Rapid Fire Gauss Gun
  1. KEW Heavy Weapons
    1. Auto-Cannon
    2. Auto-Grenade Launcher
    3. Early Grenade Launcher
    4. Heavy Machine Gun AKA HMG
    5. Medium Machine Gun AKA MMG
    6. RAM Grenade Auto-Launcher
    7. Rocket Assisted Multipurpose Grenade Launcher
    8. Rocket Launcher
    9. VRF Gauss Gun AKA Very Rapid Fire Gauss Gun

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The term “Firearms” at one time only meant projectile weapons or slugthrowers. Those terms are often now associated with the acronym KEW, meaning Kinetic Energy Weapon. [12]

Around the TL:7-9 epoch, Energy Weapons or DEW (Directed Energy Weapons), also known as Beam Weapons or Projected Energy Weapons become a significant part of the battlefield. They start as rangefinders and target designators and eventually become a significant weapon for armored vehicles (AFVs), fighting ships, and even as infantry smallarms as the technology is miniaturized. [13]

At that point, the term Firearms is expanded to include three primary types:

  1. DEW (Directed Energy Weapons)
  2. GUW (Guided Weapons)
  3. KEW (Kinetic Energy Weapons)

Excluded Weapons (Non-firearms)[edit]

So, the modern meaning of the term “Firearms” in 1105 IC encompasses all complex, contemporary ranged weapons used by individual or crews of sophonts on foot.

The term excludes:

  1. Archaic Ranged Weapons
  2. Melee Weapons
  3. Artillery

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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