Fessor Subsector

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Fessor Subsector
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Sector Foreven
Capital Fessor
No. of Stars 28
Majority Control Non-Alligned - 68%
2nd Control Zhodani Client State - 18%
Map Key Map Key

Fessor (Foreven H) subsector was a demilitarized buffer region between the Third Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. Both empires limited their efforts in the subsector to economic and diplomatic influence over its diverse worlds. The population of the subsector is mostly of Solomani origin, and was slanted more towards the Imperium than the Zhodani. Technological development was weak, since this subsector had been seen in antebellum times as a battlefield for the next Frontier War, and Fessor subsector has become a backwater subsector.

Warming relations between the Domain of Deneb and the Zhodani Consulate in the wake of the Imperial Civil War revived interest in the subsector, and allowed a number or Domain companies to invest in local infrastructure and industries. Tech levels that were originally quite low underwent significant progress; today Fessor is one of only two TL-15 worlds in all of Foreven. A strong area of Denebian influence became centered on the capitol world, creating a strong island of pro-Regency sentiment that was tolerated and even encouraged by the Consulate.

Trade with the Consulate has remained relatively minor, and most of the subsector's commerce has been exports of agro and mining products to the Regency, and component and durable manufacturing on Fessor.

The 1117 Population was 3.0 Billion, with the highest TL D at Rematen, Agnasti and Fessor. The 1200 Population is 6.1 Billion, with the highest TL F at Fessor.

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