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This AAB page documents errata for Solomani (Alien Module).

  • This is a specific Errata page.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The following Errata has been copied from the various Errata's that have been compiled over the years.

Classic Traveller - Solomani (260, Alien Module 6, 1986 Edition)

Needs to be updated to match 1112 data for T5SS.

Page Heading Description Type
Pages 22 – 27 Solomani Rim Data System 0729 should have a base code of “N”. Systems 1306 and 1533 should have allegiance codes of “Im”, not “So”. System 1911 should have a base code of “D”. System 2105 should have a UPP of A854996-E (instead of A854966-E). System 2221 should be system 2222 (with a UPP of BAA7769-D). System 2319 should have an allegiance code of “Ve” instead of “Im”. System 2330 should have a UPP of C421542-E (instead of C421524-E). System 2906 should have a UPP of B49A502-A (instead of A49A502-A). System 2928 should have a UPP of B1387BA-E (instead of B1387B4-E). Correction
Pages 22 – 27 Solomani Rim Data, Captive Governments Such details were not included, but had previously appeared in Supplement 10, The Solomani Rim.

Military Rule (Mr): The following worlds should have a Mr code in the Remarks to represent that they are under military rule. Shaalgar (0224), Irashdaa (0524), Kidashi (0528), Edaazun (0729), Oudh (0921), Herakles (1022), Fomalhaut (0124), Khulampu (1026), Gashidda (1127), Karkhar (1424), Shuruppak (1427), Iilike (1429), Shulimik (1530), Sarpedon (1533), Sirius (1629), Ys (1732), Terra (1827), Fenris (1830), Remulak (1833), Depot (1911), Barnard (1926), Junction (1929), Prometheus (2027), Ninkhur Sagga (2222), Ember (2227), Loki (2228), Kaguk (2325), Xiwa (2408), Ikuk (2521), Scandia (2628), Tamarind (2729), Thorwald (3026).

Ownership (O:#): The following worlds should have O:# codes in the Remarks to indicate what world is in control: Purdishi (0116), O:0215; Atalanta (0304), O:0106; Pilgham (0332), O:0233; Morgana (0501), O:0502; Arukhur (0518), O:0617; Rilke (0604), O:0704; York (0624), O:0524; Sionnach (0632), O:0533; Arisia (0640), O:0639; Furioso (0717), O:0617; Akhamin (0721), O:0723; Poseidon (0910), O:1110; Fafhrd (0912), O:1011; Alsatia (0924), O:0923; Chrysolite (1032), O:1034; Tarsus (1136), O:1337; Biggles (1205), O:1207; Boskone (1214), O:1216; Hibernia (1239), O:1339; Enki Kalamma (1327), O:1326; Teucer (1435), O:1537; Okefenokee (1609), O:1710; Shazam (1705), O:1804; Hades (2030), O:1830; Forlorn (2132), O:1931; Nasu (2405), O:2205; Khalikkam (2418), O:2518; Carchemish (2536), O:2636; Miskatonic (2603), O:2703; Tlaloc (2631), O:2731; Nyarlathotep (2720), O:2820; Anenerkuk (2723), O:2623; Umber (2808), O:2807; Arcturus (2921), O:2920; Cyan (2937), O:3035; Altiplano (3017), O:2920; Harappa (3028), O:3029; Carlyle (3101), O:3201; Sashingun (3113), O:3213; Xantippe (3136), O:3235; Opar (3202), O:3201.

Page 28 – 29 World Index Aegir Colony 1239 (rather than 1237), Anenerkuk 2723 (rather than Anererkuk), Beal 0126, Capital Sol 2121 (rather than 1827), Eshellim 1901 (rather than Eshelim), Gwathui 1720 (rather than Swathui), Jardin 0233 (rather than 0232), Khiirshag 2010 (rather than Khurshag), Kirillishur 3010 (rather than Kirillshur), Kishakhpap 0125, Kukulcan 2835 (rather than Kulkulkan), Menelaus 2312 (rather than Meneleus), Polyphemus 1537 (rather than Polyph), Shiranshar 0823 (rather than Shiransar), Shulgiili 1326 (rather than Shilgiili), Shululsish 0214 (rather than Skululsish), Swinburne 0136 (rather than Swinborne), Thetis 2638 (rather than 2836), Tyudhuar 1619 (rather than Tyudhar), Zaggisi 1523 (rather than 1521).

While the systems of Cicero (0938), Halo (0726), Ishadar (0606), Jackoyo (2102), and Stralsund (0618) are all asteroid belts, none of them have the word “Belt” in the system name, despite the appearance as such in the Index.

The systems listed as “Imperial Rule” are all currently (as of 1110) governed by the Imperial Navy. In most cases this is a military occupation dating from the Solomani Rim War. Systems 0729, 1827 and 1911 were left off the list. System 1024 should be listed instead of 1025 (which does not exist).

The listings of the stars Aldebaran at 0938 (rather than in Aldebaran sector) and Epsilon Ceti at 1127 (which lacks a definitive location) are incorrect.

Correction and Omission
Page 30 Special Rule Cases, World Generation, Bases A notation on Solomani Bases was left out of the book:

Bases: Solomani naval bases include the equivalent of a scout base, but there are no Solomani equivalents of Way Stations. The Solomani have Scout functions as a component of the Navy, not as a separate branch.

Page 42 Standard Ship Designs, Solomani Escort The Solomani Escort uses a custom 200-ton hull. The fuel tankage is 120 tons, and supports the power plant and 1 jump-4. Crew quarters include two staterooms, which are intended for double occupancy. There are two tons of cargo capacity; there is no waste space. The Escort requires a crew of four: pilot, navigator and 2 engineers. Correction and Omission
Page 43 Standard Ship Designs, Solomani Cruiser The Solomani Cruiser uses a 1000-ton custom hull. The cruiser has ten hardpoints, and ten tons of fire control allocated to them; the hardpoints all mount triple beam laser turrets. Forty tons are devoted to cargo hold. The cruiser has a crew of 21 as listed. The ship costs MCr629.69 (including 10% discount for standard design) and takes 30 months to construct. Correction and Omission
Page 43 Standard Ship Designs, Solomani Bulk Carrier The Solomani Bulk Carrier uses a 1000-ton standard hull. The ship has 60 tons of waste space; this is usually used for additional cargo. Cargo capacity in the main hold is 476 tons. The Bulk Carrier costs MCr332.73 (including 10% discount for standard design). Correction and Omission
Page 43 Standard Ship Designs, Solomani Free Trader The Solomani Free Trader uses a standard 400-ton hull. The free trader costs MCr121.23 (including 10% discount for standard design). Correction and Omission
Page 43 Standard Ship Designs, Solomani Fleet Courier The Solomani Fleet Courier uses a standard 200-ton hull. The ship has three tons of cargo space. The ship costs MCr119.43 (including 10% discount for standard design). Correction and Omission

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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