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This is an errata page for the Classic Traveller Mercenary (book) LBB book.

  • This is a specific Errata page.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

The following Errata has been copied from the various Errata's that have been compiled over the years.

Classic Traveller - Mercenary (304, Book 4, 1978)

Page Heading Description Type
For mercenary characters, the articles Mercenary Character Generation Procedure Outline (JTAS #3) and Military Academy: An Option for Mercenary (JTAS #10) are very useful.
Page 3 Acquiring Skills and Expertise, Choice of Arm For Marines, the statement on page 5 is much clearer: “the only combat arm that a marine may initially enter is infantry”. Clarification
Page 4 Acquiring Skills and Expertise, Assignments, General Assignment The paragraph indicates that “If Int 8+, DM +1 allowed”. This should be a DM for Education, as shown on page 6. Correction
Page 4 Acquiring Skills and Expertise, Survival None of the three combat action assignments are indicated with an asterisk. Clarification
Page 5 Commando School There is no “Wilderness Survival” skill; this should be “Survival”, as detailed on page 15. Correction
Page 39 Support Weapons, Slug Throwers, Very Rapid Fire (VRF) Gauss Gun The VRF Gauss Gun has an extreme range of 3000 meters and is available at tech level 10. Clarification
Page 43 Notes on Prices and Tech Levels The corrections noted on page 43 apply as written to the 1977 edition books. These corrections are noted in the entries above. Note that the TL changes to Mesh and Cloth armor were handled differently in the 1981 edition and later rules sets. Clarification

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

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