Dzarrgh Run

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The Dzarrgh Run is an astrographic feature primarily located in Corridor Sector.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Thus run stretches across the border between Corridor and Provence Sectors, with the Spinward end just reaching the corner with Deneb and Tuglikki Sectors.

It is named because it gives access to the Dzarrvaer Subsector, not because of the Dzarrgh Federate, which appeared later. It has the Khouth Cluster accessible to Rimward at its Spinward end, the New Vland Cluster accessible to Rimward at its Trailing end.Coreward are the depths of the Vargr Extents.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

The Dzarrgh Run is one of the key invasion routes for Vargr into the Imperium and has seen many waves of Vargr arrive. It was largely unsettled during the Ziru Sirka era as there were few pickings to be had, but the early Gvegh, and later Aekhu expansions followed this route into the |Corridor and Deneb Sectors.

Worlds & Sectors (Astrography)[edit]

Twenty‐eight system cluster with only five Imperial systems, all of which are in Corridor.

Corridor– Seven Systems

Khouth (Corr A) – 6

  1. Auritaurus (Corr 0401)
  2. Greenrok (Corr 0601)
  3. Gzorraeth (Corr 0701)
  4. Koppel (Corr 0502)
  5. Overlook (Corr 0301)
  6. Rrev Rigr (Corr 0402)

Khukish (Corr B) – 1

  1. Ruedzu Vounga (Corr 0901)

Deneb – One System

Million (Dene D) – 1

  1. Goukhsar (Dene 3201)

Provence – Eighteen Systems

Lighoz (Prov M) – 13

  1. Aeghzisung (Prov 0240)
  2. Aenggvug (Prov 0140)
  3. Arerzthoe (Prov 0634)
  4. Duethrang (Prov 0739)
  5. Irr Zouth (Prov 0736)
  6. Kalongourr (Prov 0637)
  7. Kukhou (Prov 0740)
  8. Ongvoerrg (Prov 0735)
  9. Orsaethvok (Prov 0838)
  10. Tarrthek (Prov 0837)
  11. Toulingitsa (Prov 0737)
  12. Uedtzon (Prov 0635)
  13. Ug Kanek (Prov 0537)

Voudzeur (Prov N) – 5

  1. Aerragvull (Prov 1040)
  2. Khuekhsgor (Prov 0939)
  3. Oerrg (Prov 1140)
  4. Okfae (Prov 0937)
  5. Voudzeur (Prov 1039)

Tuglikki – One System

Aegaek (Tugl P) ‐1

  1. Uegnaedz (Tugl 3240)

World Listing[edit]

The following systems and worlds are associated with this astrographic feature:

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Auritaurus  •  Goukhsar  •  Greenrok  •  Gzorraeth  •  Koppel  •  Overlook  •  Rrev Rigr  •  Ruedzu Vounga  •  Tersta  •  
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