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Status Minor Human Race

(Homo dynchia)

Classification Omnivore/hunter
Size 2.2 m
Weight 100 kg
Homeworld Melantris (Leonidae 0603)
Multi-world Yes
Canon Yes
Extinct Extant
Reference Journal of the Travellers Aid Society No. 24

Intelligent minor race of Humaniti, native to Melantris (Leonidae 0603).

Physiology & Environment

Dynchia are about 2.2m in height and weigh about 100 kg. They are slender and long-limbed.

Skin tones range from pale to bronze-tan; hair color is usually brown or black, but snowy white hair is not uncommon.

The Dynchia have six fingers on each hand, and six toes on each foot.

Their teeth actually consist of two bony “jaws” (as if their teeth had been fused into one upper and one lower “jaw”) with fang-like extrusions.

History & Background

The physiological differences between mainstream species of Humaniti and Dynchia appear to have been geneered (genetically engineered) by the Ancients.

Psychology & Philsophy


Culture & Society

The Dynchia have a rare and unusual quality: they are warrior individualists in an un-warlike culture. That is, they never make war upon their own race, although fights, duels, and challenges are common, as is a warrior ethic.

Their culture is completely independent of territory. The social basis of Dynchia mentality is a deep sense of honor, both personal and as part of their clan or tribe. The general religion of the Dynchia is reverence for ancestors and worship of tribal heroes. To be false to one’s honor is to forfeit a chance to become a revered ancestor.

Their architecture is famous for its beauty and perfection.

Social Organization

As well as the physical divergence, two elements of human psychology (to protect females from danger, and to possess land) appear to have been left out of or modified in the Dynchia.

Firstly, the Dynchia have absolute equality of the sexes; prejudice against or protection of one sex is psychologically impossible.

Secondly, a Dynchia is not a citizen of a particular world; he is a member of a clan, which in turn is a member of a tribe. A tribe may rule anywhere, as territory is not important.

A low rate of population expansion gives them time to fully develop a world before they are forced to expand by population pressure.

As an example of the degree of perfection Dynchia designers have achieved, it may be mentioned that their homeworld, Melantris, has a population of over 4 billion, but has no pollution problems.

Government & Politics

The government of the Dynchia is known as the Dynchia Comitia.

The Dynchia Comitia government is characterized as having an average degree of centralization, which gives local/regional/planetary governments more power than most governments, but sacrifices uniformity on many issues. The Dynchia Comitia government is usually classified as a Assembly, a form of a Federation.

Government Structure

Dynchia government is based on councils, each consisting of the top ranking members of each tribe present.

The highest of these councils is the Council of the Twelve, which rules all of the Comitia, and speaks for all the tribes. The highest ranking clan of each tribe is the Prince of that tribe, and sits on the Council.

The military is subject only to the Council of the Twelve, and exempt from responsibility to clan or tribe.

Language & Letters


Calendar & Timekeeping


Technology & Trade

Not only is the Dynchia tech level higher than most TL’s in the region, but the Dynchia have an added advantage - they have refined their designs for maximum efficiency. They may not have fusion guns, but they have the best laser rifles in all of known space, and the same applies of the rest of their industry.

Military & Intelligence

At coming-of-age, all individuals go through an extensive series of trials, to determine their right to the status of adulthood. Seven percent fail - and die. Thus, all adults are skilled warriors.

The military are merely the cream of the crop, specializing in combat arts. For this reason, it is generally considered impossible to conquer a Dynchia world.

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