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#REDIRECT [[Donald McKinney]]
#REDIRECT [[Donald McKinney]]
== History & Background ([[Dossier]]) ==
This person was involved with Traveller in the following ways:
* Moderator of the ct-starships mailing list
* Official Traveller Errata Collector (CT/MT/TNE/T4/T20/MGT/T5)
* Official Archivist of Digest Group Publications
* T5 Forum Hall Monitor and FFE Minion
* And more...
=== Traveller RPG Wiki Participation ===
This person elected to participate at the wiki.
* He worked hard to make the wiki viable and helped to police it to keep it in line with Intellectual Property rights limitations.
=== Bibliography-Ludography (Published Products) ===
This person has authored, contributed, playtested, or otherwise participated in the publication of the following products:
== References & Contributors (Sources) ==
|S1= [[Traveller Wiki Editorial Team]]
|S2= Author & Contributor: Lord (Marquis) and Master of Sophontology [[User:Maksim-Smelchak|Maksim-Smelchak]] of the [[Ministry of Science]]
[[Category: Authors|McKinney, Don]]

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