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Imperial Domains.jpg

An Imperial Domain is a group of four or so sectors within the Third Imperium.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Imperial Domains: The Domains are listed below in order of creation.

Domains of the Third Imperium[edit]

1. Domain of Sylea (Green)
  1. Core Sector
  2. Delphi Sector
  3. Fornast Sector
  4. Massilia Sector
2. Domain of Vland (Aqua)
  1. Corridor Sector
  2. Dagudashaag Sector
  3. Gushemege Sector
  4. Reft Sector
  5. Vland Sector
3. Domain of Gateway (Blue)
  1. Crucis Margin Sector*
  2. Gateway Sector*
  3. Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector
  4. Ley Sector
4. Domain of Ilelish (Purple)
  1. Daibei Sector
  2. Ilelish Sector
  3. Reaver's Deep Sector
  4. Verge Sector
  5. Zarushagar Sector
5. Domain of Antares (Yellow)
  1. Antares Sector
  2. Empty Quarter Sector
  3. Lishun Sector
  4. Meshan Sector*
  5. Mendan Sector*
  • Note: Meshan and Mendan Sectors were mostly imperial controlled at the time of the First Imperium.
6. Domain of Sol (originally the Domain of Diaspora) (Dark Red)
  1. Alpha Crucis Sector
  2. Diaspora Sector
  3. Hinterworlds Sector
  4. Magyar Sector
  5. Old Expanses Sector
  6. Solomani Rim Sector
7. Domain of Deneb (Red)
  1. Deneb Sector
  2. Reft Sector
  3. Spinward Marches Sector
  4. Trojan Reach Sector

* Although technically a part of a domain, these sectors are outside of the Imperium.

† Although these sectors are not within the bounds of any domain, their Imperial portions are administered by the indicated domain.

‡ For practical reasons, the rimward-trailing portion of Reft Sector is administered by the Domain of Vland. Otherwise Reft sector is administered as part of the Domain of Deneb.

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

During the Pacification Campaigns, Emperor Artemsus divided space into six regions, labeled them domains, and appointed an archduke over each of them. To each archduke, he assigned the continuing pacification of the domain’s many systems and their integration into the Imperium.

The domains were: Sylea (Core, Fornast, Massilia, Delphi), Vland (Corridor, Vland, Gushemege, Dagudashag), Gateway (Ley, Glimmerdrift Reaches, Gateway, Crucis Margin), llelish(Ilelish, Zarushagar, Reaver’s Deep, Daibei), Antares (Lishun, Antares, Mendan, Amdukan), and Sol (Diaspora, Old Expanses, Solomani Rim, Alpha Crucis). Most of the domains were never totally absorbed into the Imperium

In 589, during the First Frontier War, a seventh domain was established-Deneb (Spinward Marches, Deneb, Trojan Reach, Reft) The intent was to appoint an archduke to be responsible for its supervision. However, the Civil War broke out before an archduke was appointed.

Following the civil war, the emperors expressed concern about individuals with powers equaling their own, so they moved to lessen the power of the archdukes in the Imperial government. Because of this, the domains came to have little practical significance, and no archduke of Deneb was ever appointed. Each archduke did retain the power to create knights and baronets.

In the years after the Fourth Frontier War, and after the problems it presented from lags in communication, Emperor Strephon felt a strengthened archduke position could enable the Imperium to more quickly respond in defending the realm. Against the protests and opposition of some prominent members of the Moot, Strephon reestablished the domain as a level in the bureaucracy of the Imperial Navy, and to the Domain the ability to collect taxes. Still later, Strephon gave the archdukes the ability to legislate and enforce the desires of the emperor on the local level. Strephon appointed an archduke of the Domain of Deneb: Archduke Norris.

Coreward Bounds[edit]

The Ziru Sirka controlled most of Meshan and Mendan sectors, but they are entirely outside the bounds of the Third Imperium.

Trailing Bounds[edit]

Gateway and Crucis Margin sectors are entirely outside the bounds of the Imperium and the Ziru Sirka.

Image Repository[edit]

  1. Color Coded Domain Map: 1105

Domains 760.jpg

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