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Different Worlds was the home magazine of Chaosium Inc., it included several Traveller related articles.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Chaosium and GDW as well as many other RPG publishers were very friendly back in the day.

  • In house magazines for a publisher or game often featured content from other games from other publishers.

Different Worlds Magazine Articles[edit]

Different Worlds Magazine Articles
Title Author Issue Page
The Imperium Marc Miller and Frank Chadwick 9 16-20
Traveller Mutations Iain Delaney 10 8-9
A New Computer System Martin Connell 11 14-17
The Travellers' Aid Society Iain Delaney 13 10-11
More Citizens Paul Crabaugh 15 4-5
For Sale : Three New Fighters Paul Crabaugh 17 10-11
Swords on Deck Paul Crabaugh 18 7
Changes for TCS Doug Houseman 18 8-9
Starfreighter Athena Henry Padilla 18 24-25
Race for the "Specter" Doug Houseman 20 20-28
Pistols Paul Crabaugh 21 17
Terraforming, Part 1 Doug Houseman 22 16-21
Terraforming, Part 2 Doug Houseman 23 28-33
Effects of Mass in Traveller William Lowe 25 15
Battleriders vs. Battleships Paul Crabaugh 26 13
Planetary Encounters Mason Jones 28 26
Battleriders vs. Battleships John Harshman 29 21
Make Love, Not War Terrance McInnes 32 24-26
The Underworld Jon Mattson 33 16-19
Genetic Engineering Dave Bryant 38 16-19
Cops! Terry McInnes (See Also Dragon) 46 10-14

External Link/s[edit]

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  2. EXTERNAL LINK: Different Worlds Index

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Different Worlds Magazine was founded by the Chaosium in January of 1979. Much to its credit, it remained a magazine devoted to all of the role-playing hobby for its entire life. Issue #38 was the last Chaosium issue of Different Worlds. In May of 1985, publication was resumed by Sleuth Publications. After six issues, ownership of Different Worlds changed one final time. Issue #47 was published in the Fall of 1987 by Different Worlds Publications. It was the last issue to ever see print, although layouts for an issue #48 were presented at GenCon a few years ago. Different Worlds Publications is still in existence, and offers a selection of Different Worlds back issues through the mail. However, despite persistent rumors, Different Worlds magazine has never been resurrected.

References & Contributors (Sources)[edit]

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