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David L. Pulver is a game designer and author based in Kingston, Ontario.


David's published works includes over two dozen RPG sourcebooks including:

  • GURPS Bio-Tech
  • GURPS Vehicles
  • Bubblegum Crisis: Before and After (R.Talsorian)
  • Glory of Rome (TSR)
  • Aliens and Artifacts (ICE).

This person is a Traveller author, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)

Born in Canada, he grew up in England and New Zealand before returning to the Great White North.

  • Traveller was the second role playing game David ever refereed (starting in 1979).
  • His own Traveller campaign lasted ten years, eventually mutating into a hybrid of GURPS Space and Traveller.
  • He is glad this eminently logical evolution has now been officially recognized as a Good Thing

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