Data Headpiece

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Data Headpiece
Type Communications Gear
Tech Level TL–13
Cost Cr5,000
Size 0.1 liter
Weight 0.1kg

Data-Display/Recorder Headpiece represents a significant breakthrough in holographic display technology at TL–13. A small rectangle of polylucent cuprothallium provides a constant heads-up three dimensional display for the wearer. Although useless by itself, the headpiece can be interfaced with virtually any number of TL–13+ devices by using a multiplexer similar to that used with commdots. The multiplexer not only coordinates the information for the user but also synchronously records the multiple signals onto one standard holocrystal for later review.[1]

Their use is common among bridge and engineering personnel on starships as well as smaller craft. For example, someone flying in a Grav Belt while using a neural activity sensor handset would find it inconvenient (to say the least) to refer to the readout on his backpack. Instead, the sensor’s output is immediately displayed on his headpiece. At the same time, he can monitor his altitude, airspeed, position, and the operational status of his grav belt batteries and grav units. If he is also wearing a vacc suit, he can read off his oxygen supply and internal temperature besides.[1]

The data headpiece replaced the bulkier helmet mounted displays and head mounted displays with a lighter and smaller piece of equipment that provides a true see-through heads-up display experience.

When desired, the headpiece can be swung out of the way above the head; when the display is turned off, the cuprothallium is transparent. About three percent of the population find it difficult to focus properly on the headpiece and are unable to use the device.

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