Dancing Insects of Thrarg

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A sentient insectoid species who have developed a fascinating sequence of dances, based around a repetitive but extremely catchy style of native 'music'. The beauty of the dance revolves around the complex combinations of leg movements used by the insects. Small relective dishes on each of the dancer's ten legs create an amazing visual extravaganza in the half-light of a typcial performance (performed with only naked flames for illumination, the viewer sees only a series of small twinkling stars performing a spatial ballet).

Artisus Realto was the first entrepreneur to bring together a group of the insects to provide shows for off-worlders. He adapted the music for electronic synthesisers and added holographic reflectors and small multi-colour lasers to greatly enhance the overall performance. The show quickly became one of the artistic wonders of the Imperium, making Realto a very rich man.

Many have unsuccessfully tried to adapt the dances for other races. Attempts have also been made to mimic the performance using computer simulations, but the manner in which the insects react to the music has not, as yet, been successfully captured.

- Source: 101 Cargos, 101 Travellers