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== History & Background ([[Dossier]]) ==
== History & Background ([[Dossier]]) ==
The use and understanding of the concept of core competences can be very important to enterprises. They can use core competences in order to excel at the contrivance of core products. Enterprises could also use core competences to raise the values of customers and stakeholders.
No information yet available.
Core competencies are related to a firm's product portfolio via core products. Core competences as the engines for development of core products and services. Competencies are the roots of which the corporation grows, like a tree whose fruit are end products.
In the end of ends, a ''Commercial Competency'' is about recognizing and capitalizing upon a competitive advantage.
The [[Universal Corporate Profile]] is an imperfect device by which industries are categorized and which indicate advantage. The system is constantly developing as the business environment changes and develops.
=== [[Universal Corporate Profile]] ===
=== [[Universal Corporate Profile]] ===

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