Cold Fuzion

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Cold Fuzion
Type Drugs
Tech Level TL–9
Cost Cr2
Size 5g
Weight 5 g
Manufacturer Pharmacom Corporation

Cold Fuzion is a mild hallucinogen and stimulant without harsh side effects. It can be taken either orally or by injection. It is distributed and sold as an oily reddish-brown liquid in a small vial. However, with repeated use the drug will eventually reach toxic levels and the user will begin to show signs of paranoia, psychosis, claims of hearing voices, hallucinations, and eventually suffering a psychotic break. Once this break with reality has occurred, most victims succumb to a massive stroke within a few hours.

The drug was discovered by a Pharmacom research biochemist and made from waste byproducts produced during the atmospheric refining processing on planet that would otherwise be destroyed or released back into the atmosphere. The drug is not legal on most worlds.

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