Cloth Personal Armor

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Cloth Personal Armor
Type Personal Armor
Tech Level TL–6
Cost Cr250
Size 4.5 liters
Weight 2 kg

Cloth Personal Armor is heavy duty body suit tailored from ballistic cloth. [1]

The fabric absorbs impact energy, distributing the blow over the body of the target and possibly resulting in bruising. Nevertheless, cloth armor is among the best and the most versatile personal armor available. [1] It is highly favoured because of its low cost, light weight, and protection against firearms. [2] Piecemeal acquisition such as hunting jacket, brush pants, etc., will double the cost. Military fatigues are usually counted as this type of protection.

While this sort of clothing is not suitable for formal use, it does not appear out of place in casual settings, and is not culturally perceived as armor. There are tailored versions of cloth armor, referred to as diplomatic armor or Diplo Armor, which are designed to look proper in a formal setting. Usually the ballistic cloth tailoring adds about Cr250 to the cost of the suit.

Earlier forms of the armor, often known as Padded Armor are considerably bulkier, less wieldy, and uncomfortable.

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