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Chris Foss is a Traveller artist, contributor, and fan.

Description (Biography)[edit]

Christopher Foss (born 1946) is a British illustrator and science fiction artist, best known for his science fiction book covers.

  • Books featuring Foss illustrations include the 1970s British paperback covers for Isaac Asimov's Foundation Trilogy, the Terran Trade Authority, and E. E. "Doc" Smith's Lensman series.
  • Some of the art he did produce was specific to the stories and some examples of this are the covers he did for the Grafton publications of the Demon Princes novels by Jack Vance in the late 1980's, Star King, The Killing Machine, The Palace of Love, The Face and The Book of Dreams.
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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Chris's work for Traveller consists of a number of paintings licensed for use by Imperium Games which were originally published in his book Diary of a Spaceperson (ISBN 1-85028-049-5).

  • Chris also contributed a number of original drawings for some of the books interiors.

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