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Characteristics are part of the game mechanic


Until the arrival of Mongoose Traveller, the terms Attribute and Characteristic were used interchangeably.

Thereafter, Attributes related to those rolled or derived values that define a character; Characteristics describe the character. Even now, some of the Derived Attributes could be considered Characteristics.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

There are many Characteristics defined and described in Traveller. The first are that a character should have a "Name", "Race" and "Gender".

Some versions of Traveller suggest that a character should also have a Characteristic "Call Sign" for identification.

One of the key Characteristics is the character's Homeworld - the place that they were born.

The "Cumulative Radiation Dose" to which the character has been exposed may be recorded as Characteristic.

Examples of other Characteristics include that the character is "Large"/"Small", Genetically "Notable"/"Weak", "Psionic", "Geneered"/"Uplifted"/"Feral", "Scarred" and/or "Addicted" to some substance. There is no definitive list, although various partial lists exist or were implied from Character Sheets.

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