Challenge 70

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Challenge Magazine No. 70
Challenge 70
Publisher GDW
Version n/a
Author n/a
Format Large
Canonical yes
Edition n/a
Year Published ? 1993
Pages 88


Table of Contents

Special Article

It Was Twenty Years Ago Today... (Editorial by Frank Chadwick, President/co-founder of Games Designers Workshop with a short history of GDW.)

Twilight: 2000

Runners (American executives run explosives to guerrillas in exchange for drugs. Adventure by Roman J. Andron )
Goodrich Hill (Using booby traps for self defense can sometimes backfire. Adventure by Thomas E. Mulkey )


Six Patrons (The sea-change spread throughout the Imperial Space in Hard Times affects almost everything the PCs do, including the patrons who here them. Campaign Supplement by James Maliszewski)
Toraago (The PCs may find themselves forced into slavery when the Darakha jumps into the wrong system. Adventure by Clayton R. Bush )
Signal GK vs. the Virus (The relationship of the Signal GK adventure and the history of the Virus. Article by Dave Nilsen )
Traveller News Service (News and rumors in the Traveller universe as affected by the AI virus)

Dark Conspiracy

Fear and Loathing ( A fear machanic rules variant by Craig Sheeley )


Secret Agent (Wherever there are powerful interests, there are shadowy special agents doing their bidding. Rules supplement by James L. Cambias )
Assassin, Archetype ( Rules Supplement by David Perry)

Space: 1889

Treasure of Melas ( Adventure in the City of Melas (see issue #69) by Criag Sheeley. )

2300 AD

Gorgon Hunt (The PCs must "talk down" an experimental AI robot tank deployed against the Kafers. Adventure by Andy Slack )

Star Wars RPG

Bantha Cannon ( Adventure on frozen Entooine by Chris Hind )


Guderian Dreams (Encounter nomad panerboys while trying to obtain a hard-to-find commodity. Adventure by Legion )
Panzers (Rules on building and using Panzers. Equipment supplement by Legion )


Thin Jack. (Modern Adventure by Michael C. LaBossiere )

How To

A Kiss Among the Stars (Running romance in RPGs. Article by Paul Lucus)

Battle Tech

Vehicles (New vehicles designed to carry infantry, fight infantry, and support field weapons. Equipment supplement by Michael C. LaBossiere )


( Short reviews of Dream Park RPG (R Talsorian Games), Killer (Steve Jackson Games), Fearful Passages for Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium) )