Challenge 61

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Challenge 61
Heavy Metal Issue
Publisher Game Designers' Workshop
Author n/a
Format magazine
Canonical No
Edition June
Year Published 1992
Pages 96


Table of Contents

Twighlight 2000

Spooktek - Unusual equipment and weaponry for modern espionage - Roman J. Andron
Murder Century - The M-100 Special Objectives Firearm - Captain Thomas E. Mulkey


Equalizer Project - Experienced wet naval officers and sailors with gunnery and engineering skills wanted for mercenary assignments in off-world wet navy. Contact the Ling Personnel Systems office if interested - Terrence R. McInnes
Wood and Wind, Steel and Steam - An early-tech design supplement - Charles E. Gannon

Dark Conspiracy

Out of the Depths - I remember my friend telling me about the house and the side of her family that owned it. I thought they were just stories - Micheal C. LaBosseriere


Tom Fleet and His Steam Colossus - The steam colossus can level mountains, redirect rivers and dig lakes. A single one can do the work of an army of men. Would anyone care to step aboard and try it out? - James L. Cambias

2300 AD

This is only a Test - They can't be dead! They can't be! This isn't real! This is only a test! - Micheal C. LaBossiere


Machines in the Shadows - In its projection ofthe technological future, Shadowrun incorporates virtual reality, cybertechnology and simsense, amoung other elements. One would think that this vision of the future would include robots as well. Alas, it does not. Hence, the rules for robots in Shadowrun - Dan Snuffin


VTA: Heavy-Duty Air Support - A disgruntled Hartz Securities employee has suffered a mental breakdown and fled into the combat zone. The only problem is that she took her vehicle with her when she left - an armed VTA 6 aircraft - Laura K. Manuelian

Call of Cthulhu

Video Nightmare - A brilliant but insane computer programmer has developed a method of integrating technology and magic, summoning a new kind of Mythos monster by using enchanted computer disks - Patrick Sheats

Star Wars

Rogue Metal - The whole KLR combat programming may have to be scrapped. The programs were designed to make the KLRs the most cunning and efficient 'droids on the battlefiekd are flawed. Were we to leave these 'droids active, it is possible we'd end up with mechanical psycopaths on our hands - James B. King


New Space Gods Discoveries - New Biotech equipment and Akashan Creatures with which to expand the realm of the Space Gods - Martin Wixted


Low Desert Kill - Kinseng 4 is an excellent example of what mankind can do to a world - Micheal C. LaBossiere