Challenge 43

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Challenge 43
Publisher Game Designers' Workshop
Version MegaTraveller
Author n/a
Format Magazine
Canonical No
Edition April/May
Year Published 1990
Pages 96


Table of Contents

Twilight: 2000

Sheltie Holiday (Adventure in the realm of the Survivors' Guide to the United Kingdom on this mission for the British government by Loren K. Wiseman )


Trouble in Paradise (Duke Banazak's daughter is missing and Cr100,000 is yours if you can bring her back. An Amber Zone adventure by Wesley Kawata & Michelle Sturgeon)
Leyna Tirenth (One of the brightest stars of stage and screen may have a dark secret. An NPC campaign supplement. )
Sourz: The Claws of Space (The Sourz-class fighter, the most notorious space craft ever designed. Equipment supplement by Philip Athans)
Griszoung (By the end of the Fifth Frontier War, Vargr Merchant Captain Griszoung had made quite a name for himself as a smuggler and blockade runner. An NPC campaign supplement by Tad Ringo)
Traveller News Service (News of events in the Imperium to use for scenarios and campaign flavor)

Space 1889

Secrets of the Ancients (Captured by a band of cut throats and soon to be sold into slavery - you must escape not only your captors but also the jaws of a trap set long ago by the ancient canal builders of Mars by Lester W. Smith.)
"Ye can Always Tell a Yankee, but Ye Cana Tell 'im Much.."(Generating American Characters in Space: 1889. Rules variant by Loren K. Wiseman.)
Cthulhu: 1889 (Imagine the awesome menace of Call of Cthulhu combines with the magnificent adventures of Space: 1889. Rules variant with scenario by Marcus L. Rowland. )

2300 AD

New Cyber Equipment (A huge spider creeps toward you, tracking you by scent and heat. You'd better run- this is only one piece of new cybertech equipment coming your way. New equipment for 2300 AD and Cyberpunk by Michael LaBossiere)
"Where Ya from, Mate?" (Last issue you learned to generate American characters. Now easy Australian character generation is just a few die rolls away. Rules Variant for characters and NPCs by C. W. Hess.)
"AECA (A lack of organization plagued colonization efforts of the mid- to late- 22nd century - that is, until AECA came along. Campaign supplement describing the American Extrasolar Colonization Administration by Clay Johansen.)
L-5: Community in the Sky (Three slender spindles, each 5 kilometers long, joined by equilateral triangular platforms 1.5 kilometers long - it's spectacular. Campaign supplement by Pete Rogan. )

Star Wars RPG

On the Dark Side (Everyone feels a sneaking desire to be bad occasionally. Take a trip on the Dark Side. Rules Variant with a Dark Side scenario.)

Star Trek RPG

Stardate Chronology of the Enterprise (A consistent time line linking Star Trek: The Roleplaying game and Star Trek: The Next Generation. )

Renegade Legion

Armored Cavalry in the CAF (The oldest, most colorful military unit has been an important part of the struggle to hold Shennendam County. Campaign supplement by Christopher King.)

Warhammer 40,000

Balancing Space Hulk (Space Hulk: Man vs. alien combat in the Warhammer universe. Rules variants and scenario suggestions to provide more balance. [ and less being eaten?] by Lester W. Smith)


Tactical Strike (Rules variant with Map-based skirmish rules and an exciting new scenario by Paul Kidd.)

Errata & Corrigenda

Errata and Addendums to GDW products (Heavy Weapons guide; Temple of the Beastmen; Sky Galleons of Mars (Ship design, Ship combat and Variants); Megatraveller COACC (multiple corrections plus dive bombing release points, Air-to-Air missiles; Gun weights; Rio de Janeiro Airship.)