Challenge 38

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Challenge 38
Challenge38 350px.jpg
Publisher Game Designers' Workshop
Version MegaTraveller
Author Loren Wiseman
Format Magazine
Canonical no
Year Published 1989
Pages 80


Table of Contents

Twilight 2000

Umpiring Twilight by Kim White ... 4
Military Electronics in Twilight by Paul T. Reigel ... 6
Equipment List by Loren Wiseman, Legion G. McRae ... 8

Space: 1889

A Journey to Oblivion by Timothy B. Brown ... 10


Grapnel Gun by Robert N. Sprinkle ... 22
Prize Court by David G. Thompson ... 24
Boarding Party by David G. Thompson ... 28
Monitor-class Scout by James B. King ... 31
Courier by Michael R. Mikesh, James P. Ward ... 34


Star Cruiser Power by C. W. Hess ... 43

Star Trek

Beta Antare Sector by Dale L. Kemper ... 48


Direct-Fire Artillery by C. W. Hess ... 56
A place in the Sun by David L. Pulver ... 64

Star Wars

Starfighter Down by William W. Connors ... 64

Renegade Legion

Ships of the Pursuit Wing by John A. Theisen ... 72


Cover: Harry Quinn
Interior Art: Tim Bradstreet, Rick Harris, A. C. Farley, James King