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The Milieus are an artifact of the Traveller publication history. Each published version of Traveller included (or expanded upon) a period in the future history of Traveller.


The Milieu Categories section contains full articles, usually published with the selected version. The purpose of this to organize articles for a player group to be able to find (or exclude) articles if the information is (or is not) specific to the era in which they are playing.

Each Milieu covers roughly between ten and twenty years (...or more), enough time for some interesting events in the lives of the characters within the campaign, and the campaign itself. And there are no precisely-defined year borders for the beginning and end of a Milieu category.

Milieu vs. Timeline[edit]

In contrast, the Time line categories cover much broader (and larger) spans of time. The Time line articles are Year articles, each of which has a short reference to events (and links to the full articles). But the time line is much more precise about when each era ends and begins.

Traveller Game Eras & Editions (1977-2019)[edit]

Traveller Game Eras & Editions (1977-2019)
Setting Dates Era Name (Milieu) Primary Setting Events Game Name Pub. Date
(-2404 to -2203) Interstellar Wars First Imperium (Ziru Sirka) & Interstellar Wars GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars 2002
(-2204 to -1776) Rule of Man Collapse of First Imperium & Rule of Man (Second Imperium) GURPS Traveller: Interstellar Wars 2002
(-1775 to 0) Long Night Collapse of Second Imperium & Long Night Marc Miller's Traveller 1996
(-25 to 75) Milieu 0 Third Imperium Founding & Sylean Federation Marc Miller's Traveller 1996
(985 to 1002) Milieu 990 Third Imperium & Solomani Rim War Traveller D20 2002
(1100 to 1116) Milieu 1105
Milieu 1116
Third Imperium Base (Original) Setting & Fifth Frontier War Classic Traveller & Traveller5 (T5) 1977
(1116 to 1130) Milieu 1120 GURPS Traveller: Alternate Setting (Timeline with no Rebellion) GURPS Traveller 1998
(1117 to 1130) Rebellion Collapse of Third Imperium (Rebellion) & Regency MegaTraveller 1986
(1190 to 1220) New Era Reformation Coalition & Virus/New Era Traveller: The New Era 1992
(1220's to 1249+) Fourth Imperium Fourth Imperium Traveller: The New Era 1992
(1221 to 1249) Milieu 1248 Fourth Imperium Traveller: The New Era 2006
(1250+) Milieu 1900 The Galaxiad Traveller5 or T5 2015

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