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Awards normally fall into two broad categories, both both are indicators of significant events or achievement. The two categories are military and civilian related.

  • 1. Civilian Awards are used to mark an achievement. Civil awards, or decorations, are awarded to civilians for distinguished service or for eminence in a field of endeavour or as prizes in competitions.
They come in a variety of designs and shapes, such as medals, trophies, rosettes, sashes and banners. The physical presentation of the award may also be accompanied by monetary prize. The award is often imprinted with information about the award, such as the name of the event, the sponsoring organization, the placement (such as first place, second place, etc.), and the date. They may also include the name of the recipient.
  • 2. Military Awards are given to individuals as a distinctively designed mark of honor denoting heroism, or meritorious or outstanding service or achievement and are often referred to as "decorations."
They are usually standardized in color, and size, and their wear, and placement is often dictated by military rules. They are often found in two forms, the medal and the ribbon. Ribbons often represent a smaller form of the metal in question and are worn to represent the medals in more informal settings. Although civilian decorations are awarded to military personnel they are not considered military decorations and are seldom displayed together.

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