Caranda Aledon Alkhalikoi

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Regent: Caranda Aledon Alkhalikoi
Regent of Regency of Deneb
Born 1147
Ascended 1190
Died unknown
Preceeded by Seldrian Aledon
Succeeded by unknown

Caranda Aledon Alkhalkoi is the son of Seldrian Aledon and Avery Aella Alkhalikoi, who served as head of the Regency of Deneb starting in 1190.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

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History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Caranda was the only child of Seldrian and Avery, who married for reasons of state (uniting the family lines of the popular Norris and the symbolically important Alkhalikoi emperors) but had a difficult personal relationship. He was born in 1147, two years before Avery's accidental death. He was raised by his mother and the aging Regent Norris on Mora.

Caranda took up the position of Regent when his mother died in 1190. At that time, the Regency was showing signs that it was stagnating economically and socially as a closed society insulated by the Quarantine. To counter this trend, Caranda began an effort to move public opinion in the direction of making contact with and expanding into the territories of the former Imperium. This led to a Regency-wide referendum vote in 1196 on expanding into Corridor Sector, which was voted down by a solid majority.

Caranda's first major crisis was the Zhodani Exodus in 1201, when unknown difficulties in the Zhodani Consulate (at the time, one of the Regency's most friendly neighbors) caused a major flow of refugees from there to enter the Regency (in violation of the Quarantine protocols). As of 1202 some 30 billion Zhodani had entered the Regency, mainly in Jewell, Regina, and Vilis subsectors.

The strain placed on the Regency by the Zhodani refugees and further debate on the issue led to approval by the Regency Senate and Moot in mid-1202 of a limited opening of the frontier in Antra, Namidshur, and Usani subsectors, allowing traffic to flow out without restrictions but still subjecting incoming traffic to Quarantine procedures.

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