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Status Ethnic group
Classification Omnivore/gatherer
Size 1.65 meters
Weight 80 kilograms
Homeworld Bye-Ren-Ay
Multi-world No
Canon Yes
Extinct Extant
Reference Marc Miller's Traveller, Aliens Archive
According to an editor's note in Aliens Archive, page 13, this race was called "Rye-Ben" by mistake in the Traveller rulebook and should be called "Bye-Ren".

The Bye-Ren are an ethnic group most noted for their origin in the hellish crush of a continuous 2G gravity well, producing immense strength and resilience.


Heredity and extensive super-calcification treatments have produced extreme bone density. However, their human heritage combined with their crushed and wrinkled appearance tend to disturb more traditional members of Humaniti.

Bye-Ren adapt easily to lower gravities, but their short legs often cause trouble in keeping up with their taller kin. Their super-rugged metabolism tends to “wear out” sooner than other humans’, even in normal gravity, and the high blood pressure needed in their home environment causes significant bleeding problems.

However, their human heritage combined with their crushed and wrinkled appearance tends to disturb more traditional members of Humaniti.


The Bye-Ben are the survivors of a mining expedition abandoned at the end of the First Imperium.

Society & Culture

Bye-Ren are extreme in their regard for personal loyalty and refusals to abandon either responsibilities or comrades, and in holding both friendship and enmity for life.

Social Organization

They tend to disdain luxury and have the interesting social tradition that altitude indicates importance.

Government & Law






Technology & Trade

Since the Bye-Ren have only recently been re-contacted and are still seldom visited, their technology lags far behind the Imperium’s.

(Sophont) Military


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