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Brawling Weapons: Brawling generally involves found weapons which are already at the site of the battle. Brawling weapons are effective only at close and short range. [1]

Description (Specifications)

Such weapons are classified as clubs, cost nothing, and generally weigh from 500.0 grams to 3.0 kilograms. Pistols may be used as clubs when brawling. Bottles may also be used as clubs. Once they break, they become broken bottles, which act like a dagger. Animals are equipped with their own natural weapons. [2]

Selected Brawling Weapons

  1. Brawling Weapons [3]
    1. Bottle [4]
    2. Broken Bottle [5]
    3. Club [6]
    4. Cudgel [7]
    5. Fist

History & Background (Dossier)

Creatures, or animals, are often born with a powerful set of naturally evolved weapons such as claws, horns, teeth, tails, etc. But sophonts often evolve to emphasize greater intelligence to the minimalization or exclusion of natural weapons and armor.

However, even an unarmed and unarmored sophont like a human being, still possesses a considerable number of basic weapons in the form of fists, feet, and martial arts. A melee combat involving brawling weapons can be dangerous with improvised weapons or even unarmed combat.

References & contributors (Sources)