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The Boutique Worlds are a well-known series of worlds known for trade in luxury goods.

  • Socio-astrographic feature


A group of unaligned World-Systems in the Zairae Subsector and Adar Subsector of Glimmerdrift Reaches Sector and Hinterworlds Sector. These worlds each have a niche trade specialty that makes them sought out by those with money wanting the unusual, or status symbols of their riches and power.


These worlds were put on the map by megacorporations, who increasingly ran trade voyages to the area. They are most often visited by Imperial, Hiver, and Vargr trade missions. Occasionally K'kree, Aslan, Droyne, Solomani, or even Zhodani trade missions make their way into the area.


The following worlds are among those popularly regarded as "Boutique Worlds:"

  1. Isig (world) Specializes in precious stone and stone sculptures. The presence of large veins of opal-like gems makes their sculptures extremely unique.
  2. Kasasha (world) A massive arms bazaar. This world specializes in the sale of arms to anyone with cash to buy. Sells mainly to governments wanting to purchase an army or mercenary unit, police forces, and other official entities. Serious collectors come to Kasasha to purchase unique and rare arms.
  3. Kuga (world) A collective of guilds and artist colonies that produce jewelry and gemstones. Well-known artisans produce one-of-a-kind creations found nowhere else.
  4. Kupakii (world) Produces a range of exclusive and exotic food products that are in high demand by Imperial nobles. This has gotten sufficient attention that Kupakii has become an Imperial client state with a scout base as a result.
  5. Shau Pol (world) Makes clothing, rugs, and tapestries. Artisans weave items to order. Sought after by nobility and the rich as status symbols. Any seriously connected noble would want a Shau Pol tapestry displayed in their home or office as a status symbol of their wealth and power.
  6. Ulaam (world) Manufactures exceptional handmade furniture in a unique style using very unique local woods and materials. The distinctive style and wood grain and color make Ulaam furniture stand out as singularly unique pieces.
  7. Dawntide (world) A vacation paradise and playground for the rich. It is a world "to get away from it all." There are a number of excellent and isolated resorts on the planet. This world features numerous unique natural views and locations. It also operates safaris and hunting expeditions. Dawntide will acquire for hunters rare, exotic, or endangered species on request. They have deep connections to the Ral Ranta and Ginshar for this purpose. Dawntide's low technology level does not reflect the resorts on the planet accurately. These can range from primitive to Imperial high technology levels up to TL-15 depending on the clientele they cater to. It is common to see several safari ships and high-end yachts in orbit of the planet. Most of the world is maintained as a natural wilderness.
  8. Boilingbrook (world) Specializes in the design and manufacture of sky cities. There are a number of specialist firms on the planet that design and manufacture anti-gravity platforms for mid-ports, up to floating cities.

World Listing: 1116[edit]

The following systems and worlds are members of this grouping:

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