Blade Weapon

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A Blade Weapon is a weapon with a cutting edge and often a stabbing point as well. [1]

  • Such weapons primarily inflict slashing and impaling damage.

Description (Specifications)[edit]

Blade Weapons: The following edged weapons cover the range of blades which are available. Blade weapons are effective only at close and short range. [2]

Selected Blade Weapons[edit]

  1. Blade [3]
  2. Broadsword [4]
  3. Cutlass [5]
  4. Dagger [6]
  5. Foil [7]
  6. Sword [8]

Selected Blade Accessories[edit]

  1. Baldric
  2. Belt Sheath
  3. Boot Sheath
  4. Scabbard [9]
  5. Sling

History & Background (Dossier)[edit]

Blade weapons are among the first tools that most sophonts develop once technology and tools are acquired. Some sophonts naturally possess horns, claws, or other bodily weapons that are the equivalent of blade weapons. The Aslan, for instance, possess dewclaws that are every bit as dangerous as the typical constructed blade. [10]

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